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in Parkersburg, WV

Harsh Weather Does Your Vehicle No Favors

West Virginia’s harsh weather conditions are no friend to your car or truck’s undercarriage. The area below your vehicle gets the brunt of everything, from salt and snow in the winter, to blistering heat in the summer. Protect your undercarriage from damage, deterioration, and corrosion with undercoating from Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners in Parkersburg, WV. Call us at (304) 863-5010.

Why Come to Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners for Your Undercoating?

Because we treat your vehicle like it was our own. There are a lot of steps to making sure that your undercoating is applied properly. Here is a quick break-down of the process that Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners uses to ensure that your vehicle’s undercarriage is fully protected:


First, we clean the undercarriage. A dirty or rusty undercarriage will prevent the protective undercoating from adhering correctly. Then, we remove the wheels, which kick up moisture and debris that can get caught in your undercarriage and inside the wheel wells. Removing the wheels ensures that undercoating protection reaches these often-overlooked areas. Next, we clean up and remove any rust and flaking paint. A rusty undercarriage is a ticking time bomb for your car. After that, we mask electrical inputs and exhaust system components, areas that will not benefit from undercoating. We apply the primer and the undercoating itself. The technician goes over the entire underside of the vehicle, making sure that every area is meticulously and fully coated. Once this step is complete, your car or truck is sealed and protected from the elements. When it dries completely, Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners will call you. Your vehicle will be ready for pick up the next day.

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