Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

in Parkersburg, WV

Do Not Wait to Fix A Chipped or Cracked Window

When you have a chipped or cracked window on your car or truck, it is not just unsightly, it is also unsafe. There are a number of problems that come with damage to your windshield or other auto glass. Here are some of the reasons to call Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners in Parkersburg, WV, at (304) 863-5010 as soon as you see a chip:

1: Chips become cracks.

A chip may seem like a small problem, especially if it is out of your line of sight as a driver. If you leave it untreated, however, the vibration of the road will turn that small chip into a large crack in no time. 

2: Chips and cracks can obscure your vision.

Your vehicle’s windshield helps you see the road clearly. One way it does this is by directing sunlight away from the driver’s eyes. No matter the size of the damage to your windshield, chips and cracks can catch sunlight and redirect it. If they redirect it into the driver’s vision, it can cause a dangerous situation for everyone on the road.

3. Auto glass is cheaper to repair than to replace.

If a crack develops, it can spread across your entire windshield or other auto glass area. This usually means that the entire piece of auto glass will need to be replaced. Of course, Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners in Parkersburg, WV, can handle this. But we recommend not letting it get to that point. Call us at (304) 863-5010 as soon as you see a chip in your windshield or any other glass on your car.


35 Years and Counting of Auto Glass Repair

At Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners in Parkersburg, WV, our certified technicians can fix your auto glass issues fast. More importantly, they can fix them well. With over 35 years in the industry, we have seen everything that can happen to your auto glass, from small chips to spider cracks. A visit to Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners in Parkersburg, WV, means that your car or truck will be treated with the utmost care. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Here Are Some Other Services Available from Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners:

Advanced Sprayed-On Bedliners technicians can replace or repair any piece of glass on your car, not just your windshield.